Home-Design Architectural Services is located on the beautiful tropical island of Barbados. We offer: Drafting Services, Building Construction, Repairs and Renovations, Estimates, Consultancy, and Planning.
We at Home-Design consider your satisfaction a critical measure of our success. We work hard to understand your needs and to provide you with a full range of services designed to meet your building –‘where the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget, -building not only your home, but your future’
We constantly review how we do business in order to improve our services and make them more practical, cost effective, -making you, the client happier.

Just give us an idea, and we produce sketches to match. Wind-direction, sun-rise and sun-set, the topography of the land, and geographical location, -these are all factored into designing your residence/apartment/town-house or commercial building. The site selected determines the structural design.

We provide detail quotations, stage contracts and valuations for the proposed construction based on current cost of materials and labour. We can issue a material-list for the client to purchase the materials, where we stands responsible for labour construction only, or we can take full responsibility for the entire contract project to completion.

We visit the existing building, make notes of the extent of the repair work to be done in accordance with the drawings provided and submit a detail quotation (embodying materials and labour), duration of the construction period to the client or financial institute responsible for financing the project. In cases where the residence is occupied while undergoing repairs, We fulfils our duties with a minimum inconvenience to the client.

CONSULTANCY: Not all prospective home owners can afford the services of a contractor –that’s why at Home-Design we offer our clients the option to run their own project with minimum supervision, while still maintaining a high standard of construction to meet TCP requirements.
Our services here include: Supplying skill workmanship at the client request and making regular site visits while laisoning with the client and providing the necessary foremanship for a minimal fee.

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: At Home-Design we construct basically residential homes and some small commercial buildings. Our work force is qualified in using tools and techniques in their most efficient manner. Our construction services include working with steel, concrete, stone, wood, and sheet metal.
We go beyond supervising the building operation, our management encompasses site-preparation, real-estate laws, building codes, financial and legal aspect, geological considerations, specifications, utilities, progressive and final inspections of materials and quality of work.


1.Planning for Construction, 2.Design, 3.Engineering, 4.Drawing,
5.Specifications, 6.Estimating, 7.Bidding, 8.Letting the Contract.

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