About Building, Barbados and Home-Design
  • Building in Barbados is govern by laws issued by The Town & Country Planning Department (TCPD), National Housing Cooperation (NHC), Rural and Urban Development Commission (RDC), Ministry Of Transport and Works (MTW), Ministry of Health and Enviromental Engineering Division (MHED), and The Barbados National Standards Institute (BNSI).

  • On acquisition of land, before it can be developed the owner is required to submit a set of drawings to the (TCP) consisting of:
    FLOOR PLANS –detail drawings showing layout of the rooms in relation to each other.
    ELEVATIONS –drawings showing two sides of the proposed building, denoting floor levels, roof heights and pitch.
    SITE PLAN –detail drawings showing the side and rear boundaries of the building as well as distance from the road, sewage layout, drainage details, and site works, i.e. parking, etc.
    LOCATION PLAN –a drawing of the road leading to the proposed building including a land-mark that can easily be identified.
    The location and use of the building determines the laws that would apply from (TCP) and associated departments standpoint: whether commercial, industrial, or residential.
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